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    Porosheets was designed with a teachers-first mindset. With AI powered features, Porosheets aims to reduce the stress of resource creation off of teachers' backs, to help them focus more on delivering the best possible education to their students.

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    Parents can use Porosheets to make sure that their children are up to date on all their school topics. With just a few buttons, checking up on your kids' academics has never been so seamless.

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    Porosheets can enable students to test themselves and make sure they have all the knowledge they need. Say goodbye to writing yourself questions the night before a test and give yourself more time to actually solve and practice.


How we change the game

Worksheet generation

Generate worksheets to suit the needs of your students with a few buttons. Enter the topic, grade level and number of questions and voila!

Rubric Generation

Gone is the hassle of setting up a rubric for your course or activity. With a simple prompt, have the rubric made for you

Lesson plan Generation

No more tedious lesson planning, just fill in the form and watch a lesson plan be made for you in seconds

Live customer Support

Run into a problem? The Porosheets team is always looking to improve your experience. Just leave us a message with in the chat in the bottom right of your screen and we will get back to you ASAP

Multilingual support

Although only for worksheets, Porosheets can generate questions in any language, from English, to French to even Arabic, Porosheets is a true Polyglot!

All in one

Get access to all Porosheets features with a single account, with a free trial of up to 5 AI generation

See for yourself

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Lesson Plans